French National Internet eXchange IPv6


The following organization are FNIX6 members:

IPv6 address
Peering contact
Absolight 29608 AS-ABSOLIGHT 2001:7f8:25:1::73a8:1 peering_at_absolight.net RDB
Acropolis Telecom 29513   2001:7f8:25:1::7349:1 fnix6-peering_at_acropolistelecom.net TCY
Agarik 16128 AS-AGARIK 2001:7f8:25:1::3f00:1 peering_at_agarik.com RDB
Alionis 34997 AS-ALIONIS 2001:7f8:25:1::88b5:1 peering_at_alionis.net RDB
BlueGIX 8565 AS-BLUEGIX 2001:7f8:25:1::2175:1 peering_at_bluegix.com RDB
Celeonet 31178   2001:7f8:25:1::79ca:1 peering_at_celeonet.fr TCY
DEFFAYET 50370 AS-DEFFAYET 2001:7f8:25:1::c4c2:1 peering_at_deffayet.com TCY
Exalead 35315   2001:7f8:25:1::89f3:1 xavier.roche_at_exalead.com TCY
IELO 29075 AS-IELO 2001:7f8:25:1::7193:1 peers_at_ielo.net TCY
Ikoula 21409   2001:7f8:25:1::53a1:1 peering_at_ikoula.com RDB
InfoClip 24776 AS-INFOCLIP 2001:7f8:25:1::60c8:1 hostmaster_at_infoclip.fr RDB
IPSynergies 21247 IPSYN-AS 2001:7f8:25:1::52ff:1 peering_at_ipsyn.net RDB
Novso 25358 AS-NOVSO-V6 2001:7f8:25:1::630e:1 peering_at_novso.com TCY
Neuronnexion 9036 AS-NEURONNEXION 2001:7f8:25:1::234c:1 peers_at_nnx.com TCY
TeleCity Paris 12600 AS-TELECITY-FR-V6 2001:7f8:25:1::3138:1 parops_at_telecity.com TCY
WISTEE 48594   2001:7f8:25:1::bdd2:1 peering_at_wistee.fr TCY

There is currently 16 members.

You can join the FNIX6 by filling the joining form and follow all steeps.